The Net

What a movie! What an ending! (That’s the only part I saw.)

Who remembers the movie the NET with Sandra Bullock?

Sandra Bullock had to save the world because someone on the internet had sent her an important file and it was saved onto a 3 1/2 inch disc and if a 3 1/2 inch is all it takes to save the world it  shows you there’s a problem with Hollywood.

If they expect you to take that movie seriously there’s no way someone like Sandra Bullock could save the world because she’s too busy with makeup and her eyelashes and having a husband cheat on her to be able to save the world with a little floppy disc get that she puts inside a Macintosh computer.

Or maybe it was a A PC but the internet has been around since the 1940s because all the governments of the world decided to split up the computers so that if the computers in one location were damaged at least a copy of those computers were kept at the other safe location and they weren’t damaged.

Where would someone like Sandra Bullock find the time to be able to save the internet? How on earth could Miss Congeniality save the world?

How did Sandra Bullock learn so much about computers?

Why wasn’t Dick Smith in the movie or Mark Zukerman?

He should know. He invented facenet…or something.